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chef d'orchestre ORP Barthélémy Martin

Barthélemy graduated in Analysis and Conducting with the congratulations of the Jury at the Rouen Conservatory. Trained as a trombonist, he turned to conducting very early on. His progress has been marked by many chefs including Daniele Gati, Luciano Acocella, Luis Miguel Clemente, Claude Brendel and Jean Deroyer among others. After several experiences as assistant conductor, he directs the Opus 76 orchestra with which he conducts many concerts in France, notably at the Rouen Opera in 2017. This orchestra continues to develop and has performed at the Berlin Philharmonic in February 2020, in collaboration with the OBM Orchestra Berlin. Concerts are also scheduled in Rennes, Paris, Lille and London in the coming years. 

In 2016, he became assistant to Jean-Philippe Sarcos at the Palais-Royal and at the Paris Music Academy. The same year, he was appointed assistant to maestro Luciano Acocella, for symphonic concerts, in opera productions or in television productions such as "Music in celebration" in the ancient theater of Orange. 

In 2019, he became musical director of the Orchester Romantique de Paris, which invites violinist Anna Göckel for its first concert. He is invited by the Taormina Opera to conduct opera productions from 2020. 

He is also collaborating with Opéra Nomade, for whom he conducted Lucia di Lammermoor on tour in the second half of 2021. Building on this success, he will conduct La Traviata in early 2023.
Recently he continued his relations with Sicily by being invited for the first version in Sicily of Zeffirelli's famous staging of Verdi's opera Aïda. Memorable success in Italy, it was not denied during performances on the island in May 2022.

Il Direttore della Orchestra filarmonica di Catania Barthelemy Martin ha davvero rispettato il vole verdiano: giovane esecutore ma già filologicamente ferrato, a fronte di direttori d'età che volano come vespe infischiandosi degli autori. Merita positiva menzione; the orchestra plays the ampio spartito verdiano.


"The Music Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Catania, Barthelemy Martin, truly respected the spirit of Verdi: a young performer, but already philologically savvy, unlike many older conductors who advance headlong without worrying about the will of the authors. His performance, which deserves to be highlighted, allowed the orchestra to perfectly render the amplitude of Verdi's score.


A concertare il ricco parterre la bacchetta del giovane e raffinato Barthelemy Martin che ha diretto la formation orchestrale e il Coro Lirico Siciliano, preparato con assoluta mastery; in modo particolare il coro eccelle per precisione, bellezza di suoni, fusione tra le cord vocali e univocità della “voce”, sia quando è in scena, sia quando è dietro le quinte a creare quei sublime coloristic effecti di cui Verdi ammanta, quasi-fossero profumi orientali, la sua Aida.


“In the pit was the baton of the young and refined Barthelemy Martin who led the orchestral formation and Il coro lirico Siciliano, prepared with absolute mastery; in particular, the choir excels in the precision, the beauty of the sounds, the fusion between the vocal cords and the uniqueness of the "voice", both on stage and behind the scenes to create those sublime color effects with which Verdi coats, like if it was oriental perfumes, his Aïda. »


Incisiva la Catania Philharmonic Orchestra diretta dal Maestro inglese Barthélemy Martin che ha reso la magnificenza della musica di Verdi. 

“The Philharmonic Orchestra of Catania, conducted by the French conductor Barthélemy Martin, has authentically interpreted the magnificence of Verdi's music. performed Verdi's music beautifully”

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