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The main mission of the orchestra is to spread romantic music as played in France in the 19th century by analyzing musical treatises from the first available recordings and testimonies from the time.

Composed of young professional musicians all from higher music conservatories, it combines the excellence of French training with a passion for music from the romantic era.

Ancre 2


Professional orchestra created at the end of the 2010s newly created,the Orchester Romantique de Paris brings together young musicians from higher conservatoriesand lovers of romantic music. Choosing not to settle in the comfort of the orchestras in residence, they taste the freedom of the young years of musicians by exploring the romantic repertoire and the perfect interpretation desired by the composers of this period. And like anyone who loves what they do,they ardently desire to share the finesse of their musical discoveries and the subtleties of this rich music.

Orchestre ORP



We are a collective of young musicians (under 35) from higher music conservatories. Parisians at heart or by adoption with a pronounced taste for music and the romantic era, we want to reconnect with the values and feelings of that era, while trying to break down certain barriers between the professional and amateur worlds. The objective is to continue to be known and to make concerts. The objective is also to produce the musicians in chamber music concerts, so that they keep the habit of playing together and that an orchestral sound is created.

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