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Place de l'Opéra

An orchestra is a real living organism. The more the members know each other and interact with each other, the more when playing, a unique sound and a certain color are created. So that the musicians can work on this unique interaction between them, the direction of the orchestra chooses to organize chamber concerts only with small numbers of musicians.

The objectives are multiple. Promote links between musicians, allow them to play the pieces of the repertoire that they like, build an understanding of the repertoire and the romantic era....
These concerts also make it possible to disseminate the image, the project and the unique sound of the orchestra in more intimate atmospheres.


Château de Chenonceau

Some places lend themselves more specifically to concerts out of time: Castles, monasteries, luxury hotels, private mansions... When acoustics, architecture and art meet in exceptional settings, our best musicians create tailor-made concerts where good taste, love of art and the elevation of the soul meet.




Anxious to bring classical music to everyone, whatever the musical culture, tastes and education, the ORP collaborates with the candle concerts to make known the wonders of the classical repertoire to an audience who has none. necessarily the habit. Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and so many others thus reach a new audience.
Candlelight concerts also make it possible to introduce classical ensembles, in particular the string quartet, the king of chamber music ensembles, having inspired all composers, to an audience that loves other musical styles. Queen, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Taylor Swift, Abba, film music, notably that of Miyazaki, the masterpieces of cartoons and others are offered to their fans in another form.

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